How long does the hair lasts?
Virgin hair lasts up to 2 years plus with the proper care
Mink hair lasts up to 1 year or more with proper care

What is the difference between our Mink & Virgin Hairs?
Virgin unprocessed hair that comes from just 1 donor and has different textures such as Brazilian, Malaysian, & Peruvian hairs and is a higher grade.
Mink hair has been processed and is a very silky texture. Only comes in 1 texture, Brazilian only.

Can the hair color?
Virgin and Mink can color to any level. Virgin hair lifts very fast and still remains soft to the touch when colored properly. When hair gets colored on wave or curl patterns, order a tighter curl pattern so that after the color service has been done you will have a very similar pattern to what you wanted. Always deep condition hair with a moisturizing products at least once a month after coloring service and let conditioner stay on hair for 10-15 minutes and then rinse.
Be more gently when coloring our Mink hair collection, high volume is not suggested to be used.

Does the hair shed?
Minimum to no shedding on either one of our hair collections.